Tour e Degustazione Prodotti Tipici Nella Tenuta Porto Di Mola

Wine Tasting and Winery Tour

Wine Tasting Experience and Winery Tour "Contra del Duca"


What to aspect?

A food and wine experience dedicated to well-being and to our red wine Contra del Duca, a wine with a long-lasting and austere character, which you will discover sip by sip if you choose this tour.

Vineyard Tour
Your journey through the flavours of Porto di Mola will begin with a visit to the vineyards. Here, between one row of vines and another, our staff you will tell you all the secrets of cultivation and care of the vines in order to have perfect grapes at harvest time.

Visit to the winery
After the Vineyards Tour, the cellar will open its doors to welcome you and reveal all the stages of processing and production of our wines.

Wine Tasting
The last step of the tour is dedicated to the wine tasting in the cellar, where the intense aromas of the three vintages of Contra Del Duca (from 2005 to 2017) will waiting for you, combined with a rich platter of cold meats and cheeses.

Little curiosity
Our red wine “Contra del Duca” has this name because the estate is crossed by the aqueduct named ‘Contra del Duca’, which brings water from Galluccio to the baths of Suio.

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