i spumanti dell'azienda vitivinicola porto di mola

Sparkling Wines

Porto Di Mola Vino Spumante

Vine Variety: Aglianico

Acidity: 7 g/L Ph 3,5

Food Pairing Raccomandations: A classic for an aperitif, it pairs perfectly also during a seafood based meal.

Packaging: 750 ml

Alcohol: 11,5%

Service Temperature: 6/8 °C




The Aglianico grape is vinified in white, with fermentation at controlled temperature and then become sparkling with the Martinotti – Charmat method. This is how our Spumante is made and, from the very first moment, it spreads freshness qualities, animated by an excellent perlage that emits large fruity notes and an aroma of crust of fresh bread. It has an inviting and elegant flavour and it can be optimally used during an aperitif, nevertheless it is an all-meal spumante, specially with fish plates.