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Dolia - Passito Falanghina Roccamonfina I.G.P.

Denomination: Passito Falanghina Roccamonfina I.G.P.
Grape Variety: 100% Falanghina
Acidity: 6.5g/LT
Food Pairing: Dessert wine, excellent with white-fleshed fruit tarts and annurche apple cake, dry pastries, very aged and pungent blue cheeses. Also try with buffalo ricotta and chestnut honey.
Packaging: 375ml
Alcohol: 13%
Serving Temperature: 10°/12°
Aroma: Fragrant notes of fruit and candied fruit
Taste: Fresh and pleasant on the palate, easy to drink
Vinification in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature
Aging in Tonneaux.




Dolia is our Passito wine – Falanghina Roccamonfina I.G.P., a product obtained from a late harvest of grapes, which are left to dry for several months, until they obtain a higher concentration of sugar and a decrease in acidic components.

Passito is a sweet wine that is produced in our vineyards located on the slopes of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina. The geographic location of the vineyard where the grapes are produced, and the particular processing method, characterized by the drying process on cane racks to which the grape clusters are subjected, give it its typical organoleptic characteristics.

It is an opulent wine with a sweet and aromatic taste, amber colors, and intense notes. It is a wine with pronounced sweetness and aroma. Its aroma is characterized by fragrant and spicy notes, with an aroma of candied fruit.

The intensity and variety of the aroma of our Dolia make it perfect as a wine to accompany sweet desserts that enhance its sweetness. It is excellent paired with white-fleshed fruit tarts and annurche apple cake, dry pastries. It can also be paired, in contrast, with long-aged and pungent blue cheeses. Great to savor with fruit tarts, ricotta desserts, and for cheese, it is perfect paired with ricotta and buffalo cheese with chestnut honey.