Il Frutto Della Nostra Passione - I Prodotti Dell'azienda Vitivinicola Porto Di Mola

The fruit of our passion

Porto Di Mola Wines and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

At the origin of every Porto Di Mola product there are roots in history, family tradition and enological innovation. All enriched by the flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean, thanks to the mild climate and the pot the slopes of Roccamonfina Volcano.

These are the ingredients used to make every bottle of Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Start discovering and tasting the flavors of our land.

Red Wines

Aglianico is surely the most noble grape of the whole Southern Italy, but it is only in hilly and volcanic soils that it releases all its elegance. In fact, wines produced with Aglianico grapes perfectly preserve this characteristic. Discover the intense flavour of our red wines.

White Wines

Here you will find all our white wines produced with grapes of very ancient vines, which enclose all the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Rosé Wine - Sparkling Wines - Distilled Spirits

We believe that for every special event, you should have a special wine. This is why our distillates, rose wines and sparkling wines were born.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

From Smoked Oil to the classic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: all our oils come from the fruits of centuries-old native plants. Find out more here.

Wine Gift Boxes

Whether for yourself or as a gift. Choose the products you love among sparkling wines, red or white wines and compose your wooden or cardboard box.

*Custom Cardboard Box are available for 2 Bottles, 3 Bottles and 6 Bottles of Wine

*Custom Wooden Box are available for 2 Bottles, 3 Bottles, 4 Bottles and 6 Bottles of Wine