Il Legame Tra Vino E Territorio - La Cantina Dell'azienda Vitivinicola Porto Di Mola

The link between wine and territory

"A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world."

(E. Hemingway)

The Structure of Porto Di Mola Winery


The cellar, of about 2000 square meters, is located in the center of the estate. A simple and essential place, designed to meet the production of the 60 hectares of vineyards in which Antimo, with the oenologist DavideArturo Erbaggio, follows every stage of processing, from the extraction of the juice to the final bottling. Every year the Porto di Mola winery produces about 250,000 bottles, the result of volcanic soils that give our wines a unique structure and a flavor with a thousand nuances.


In the vineyard, mechanical and manual work are combined, for an impeccable result. The management of the land is completely mechanical, while the dry and green pruning derive from the manual work of our team of experts. A rigorous discipline, in all stages of production, guarantees a wine made according to tradition, genuine and refined, the end result of a great passion for this profession and the generosity of the land.

The Porto Di Mola Winery Production


The main objective of the Porto di Mola winery is to promote the area in which it is located, precisely for this reason it is completely focused on the products of our territory. We refer, in particular, to the Bariletta plantation, typical of Rocca d’Evandro and to Falanghina and Aglianico, spokesman for the Campania vines.

Tour Of The Estate

Tour Of The Estate

A tour of our vineyards will allow you to closely observe the places where our grapes are born, while, in the cellar, you can observe all the production processes and taste our wines, accompanied by lunches prepared by our chefs or tastings of the best selection of typical products from the Upper Casertano area.